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Florida Record SearchesMiami Florida Private Investigator .com is the premier choice for obtaining Florida Record Searches, discreet  Private investigation services and Due Diligence Nationwide.

Our Miami Private Investigators and Florida Investigators perform  Due Diligence Investigations and research such as; Cellular Phone Trace, Unpublished Number lookup,  Criminal background checks, Felony Search, Florida Civil Records  and  other private investigation services to help you obtain the investigation evidence you require for peace of mind. We have affiliates accross all major cities in the United States to assist clients with their record search investigation needs….


Our Florida Private Investigators scan thousands and thousands of public databases in efforts to obtain almost any information on a person.

Florida Record Searches include: property ownership, civil records, Florida Criminal Records, Florida Background Checks , Florida marriage histories, Florida driving records, Florida accident reports, Florida bankruptcy searches, Florida tag searches, plus much more….All Search Investigations are available Nationwide….

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